Forney Soccer Team Returns to Field Amid Hazing Investigation

The Forney High School soccer team returned to the field amid disturbing details in a hazing investigation.

Five players are accused of holding down teammates and sexually assaulting them through their gym shorts.

Tuesday, the team played its first game since the scandal broke. It was an away game against Mesquite Poteet High School.

A club coach attending the game told NBC 5 the game was meaningful because, after a week of turmoil, it's a sign that things are getting back to normal for the players.

Forney's team took a knee before the game without those five players now charged with sexual assault.

In a letter to parents, the district’s superintendent has said the allegations left her "heartsick."

She considered canceling the rest of the season but decided against it saying it isn't fair to punish all the players for the actions of a few.

Joseph Baladez, the club soccer coach, agreed. He says he coaches some Forney players in his private soccer club.

He says he gave his players some advice heading into Tuesday's game.

“Just focus on the game. Don't let any distractions disturb you from what you gotta do on the field, what you gotta do in the classroom and just stay focused,” Baladez said.

Four out of the five players arrested are juveniles.

A judge has ordered them to remain in custody while they undergo evaluations.

The fifth player is 18-year-old Jacob Fisher. It appears he has been released from custody.

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