Former DMN Staffer Manages Strip Club

Life after buyout takes one journalist to the jungle.

Frontburner's Tim Rogers gives an approving slap on the back to Michael Precker, who got a mention in the Wall Street Journal for his post-journalistic venture: managing a gentleman's club.

Precker, formerly a reporter and editor for The Dallas Morning News, accepted a buyout offer in 2006 and took a plush seat at the head of the Lodge, a high-end, safari-themed strip club near 35E and Northwest Highway. Its mission is described as such, on the joint's homepage amid pictures of mounted game heads:

The concrete footpath and steel foliage of the corporate jungle forge a treacherous maze. Around every turn, lions and jackals lie in wait. Every day is an adventurous safari, stalking that perfect deal, hunting and tracking a cunningly elusive stock tip. After a long day in the underbrush of the business world, the gentlemen needs a place he can relax, a place where he is in his element with fellow hunters and the expedition leaders, a place where he can boast of the day's triumphs.

Big money woo-woos aside, we wonder how a dude who wrote happy-go-lucky year-in-review features came to take the helm of a shadowy respite for the corporate set. But this gives us an angst-busting chuckle: the Lodge provides a Business Center, complete with free copies, to its patrons.

Editor & Publisher (among other baffled watchdogs) reported the Morning News will face reductions in force again soon, so we'd like to console those aboard the sinking ship with an update on another DMN staffer who's moved on. Pulitzer Prize winning photographer David Leeson accepted a buyout with grace in September, and he's been teaching workshops in northern California and nursing his seventh documentary.

Lyndsay Knecht Milne promotes creative mothering at Sugar Burns. She has, thus far, succeeded in keeping a mounted cow skull out of her bedroom.

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