Fat Tuesday Survival Guide

A holiday for overeating? We're totally in!

It doesn't matter whether you call it Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, or the day before 40 days of no soda (That's what we're giving up for Lent, you see), but however you refer to it, just remember to read this Survival Guide before joining in the revelry.

Trashed Wednesday
It's Mardi Gras, so, yeah, there will be beer. But it's also just Tuesday -- nearly the middle of the work week. The whole point of Fat Tuesday is to party hard before the Lenten season, but if your plans include drinking, they should also include a designated driver or at least cab fare.

Everyone Has a Camera
We know that the beads for bare bosoms trade has a special, traditional allure during Mardi Gras, but we just want to remind you that your quick flash could mean a flash from someone's iPhone. If you don't want your whiskey-inspired bead transaction to be someone's personal copy of Girls Gone Wild, keep your shirt on.

Cajun Cuisine
When we think Mardi Gras, we think New Orleans. That, in turn, makes us think of Cajun cuisine. There's a lot of places to grab Cajun flavors in North Texas -- like Dodie's and David's Seafood Grill, which we've featured before. Chains like Pappadeaux might be a good pick for others -- especially if you take advantage of the specials.

Your Event Planner
Still looking for last-minute plans? We've got a slew of spots featuring Fat Tuesday events in North Texas. Heads up, though, some of the locations celebrated early instead of waiting until Mardi Gras itself.

Got another tip for surviving Fat Tuesday? Add it in below.

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