Downtown Morphed into Movie Screen

The exterior of Dallas' first skyscraper, the Praetorian Building, was used as something a bit unusual last night: a movie screen. The Joule and the Dallas Film Society presented the trailer for The Tourist, the new Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp flick, using a process called 4D mapping. The magic of 4D blew everyone's minds created special effects morphing the building into an art show. Parts of the exterior seemed to be falling off onto the street only to magically reappear, subway trains passed from one side to the next and Greek columns sprang out of thin air.

One of the last visual effects made each window look like it was housing a party inside with silhouettes of people dancing and one couple getting extra friendly. One wishful thinker in the audience—and awesome filmmaker who caught the show on video—laughed, “That’s me right there in that bottom center one… with some hot guy.” Our heads are still spinning. Special thanks to D Magazine's Zac Crain who posted this on the FrontBurner blog this morning. Here are some other examples of video mapping.

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