We Recommend Andrea Martin in the Democratic Primary for the 304th District Court

Decisions made in the juvenile court system can quash dreams or offer a second chance to a youngster who made a childish mistake.Judge Andrea Martin seems to recognize this balance, and we recommend her over Dallas solo practitioner LaDeitra Adkins, 45, in the Democratic primary for the 304th District Court. Martin, 45, a former Dallas County assistant district attorney, has sat on the bench since 2015.In her first term on the bench, Martin, from Cedar Hill, has been an innovative judge who prefers to give youthful offenders who pose no threat to society a second chance to succeed. She presides over a successful Youthful Diversion Court, an intervention program aimed to prevent first offenders between the ages of 10 and 13 from becoming career criminals. She also instituted drug testing of parents whose kids are in Child Protective Services' custody prior to a full contested hearing. This, she said, allows her to move cases more efficiently and quickly determine the extent of parental drug use that might factor into the safety of children.   Continue reading...

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