Sprint's 5G Launch Makes Dallas Its Largest Market for the Faster Wireless Network

At a nationwide 5G launch event Thursday in Irving, Sprint CEO Michel Combes took a few moments to look back at how each generation of the wireless network has transformed the way people communicate and birthed billion-dollar businesses. With 1G, people could make the first wireless calls. With 2G, they could send text messages. With 3G, they could surf the internet on a smartphone. And with 4G, people became constantly connected to GPS, which made it possible for location-based apps like Uber and Lyft to thrive."Our 4G world has become better and better, and of course, we are just beginning to imagine what 5G will look like," he said.Dallas-Fort Worth is one of Sprint's first four markets for 5G. It's also the company's largest.The wireless carrier's initial 5G footprint covers about 575 square miles and 1.6 million people in Dallas-Fort Worth. It's expected to support average speeds of more than 100 megabits, up to 5 times faster than the speeds available with 4G, according to Sprint officials.  Continue reading...

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