Shut Down Since Sept. 1, Kaufman County Gun Range Offered Mediation as Path to Make Good With Neighbors

KAUFMAN — Neighbors who have been fighting the Lone Star Gun Club and Redneck Resort since it opened a year ago agreed Tuesday to give the business a chance through mediation.The gun range along the East Fork river bottom has been shut down since Sept. 1, when a temporary restraining order was issued. Neighbors say bullets were flying off the range and on Tuesday brought a bag of leaden evidence to Judge Michael Chitty's Kaufman County courtroom to support their claim. "Our position is not that the gun range cannot be made safe," Robbie Malone, the neighbors' attorney, told the judge. "It's that what we have been seeing from them is not a safe program."But much has changed since the club was shut down, said Avery Williams, attorney for the range. "In an effort to get in position to reopen the range, we are not going to argue whether the range was safe as constructed," he told the court. "What we need is a path forward."  Continue reading...

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