Readers Write About the Late Wende Weinberg and Bob Dorough; Sexual Slavery; Bipartisanship; James Comey

Heartwarming articleRe: "Honoring a teacher's life — Congregation carries new Torah along the path couple cherished," Sunday news story.My compliments on the "Honoring a teacher's life" article in Sunday's paper. In this day and age of divisiveness, wars, shootings, teacher strikes, etc., it was a pleasure to read a positive and heartwarming article about family, community and faith.Larry Goldsticker, PlanoThanks, Mr. DoroughRe: "Bob Dorough — UNT grad, jazz artist composed Schoolhouse Rock!" Wednesday obituary.Reading the obituary for Bob Dorough, the creator of Schoolhouse Rock!, made me want to burst into the song "Interjections!" "Show excitement or emotion. They're usually set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point or by a comma if the feeling's not as strong." I grew up listening to those songs on Saturday mornings back when we only had three channels plus PBS. In the '90s, my children heard them and we bought (and still have) a VHS tape of the songs. The tunes were catchy. The lyrics were a lesson easy to learn.Oh, for the old days of simple pleasures, uncensored words and promoting education in a fun way. Thank you, Mr. Dorough.Kathy Minde, RichardsonWhere were the others?I would like to give special thanks to members of the Dallas City Council who attended the vigil service honoring hero Rogelio Santander, Officer Crystal Almeida and Scott Painter, a civilian security guard. Mayor Mike Rawlings and council members Tennell Atkins, Kevin Felder, Jennifer Staubach Gates and Adam McGough were acknowledged at the beginning of the service. I only wish that more than just one-third of our elected leaders had attended the service. Where were the others?Daniel Powell, Far North DallasFocus on the presentRe: "Vote on removing memorial delayed — Atkins seeks more info; adding context in Fair Park, lynching monument OK'd," Thursday Metro & State story.We will probably never all agree on why the Civil War was fought; even people at the time couldn't agree upon that. What we should be able to agree upon is that slavery in any shape, form or time in history is wrong.Given that Dallas is a hotspot for the sex slave trade, I am baffled that so much time, energy and money is spent on removing statues and discussing street names of people who lived almost 200 years ago. What about the slaves today, right under our noses? Where is the outrage for them?We cannot change history, though many of us would like to change something about it. We can change the future, though. Let's turn our focus from the past to the present. Removing statues and changing street names won't accomplish anything for the thousands of people being held as sex slaves here in Dallas and in Texas.Decrying slavery in the 1800s while doing little about it in 2018 rings hollow. Use the money to free today's slaves, not remove statues.Gwen Smith, East DallasTime to hit refresh button?Re: "Road trip buddies still pitching bipartisanship — Parties wince, but O'Rourke, Hurd benefit from alliance," Thursday news story.The biggest obstacle to getting work done seems to be whether or not you have an R or a D after your name. Will Hurd and Beto O'Rourke are keeping a cordial relationship despite being from opposite parties. They both say that bipartisan work is more common than most people think, however, we, the people, seem to think that it is non-existent. To win your party nomination it seems each candidate must pander to the very far right or left. We, the people, are mainly in the middle. I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with a mixture of Republicans and Democrats. The host asked us to rank our most important issues for the election. The majority of the group chose the same issues. The conversation lightly tapped on the issue of leaving our parties aside and working on good governance. Is the idea of party affiliation our biggest enemy? Is it time to push the refresh button? My Republican friends say Donald Trump does not represent them. My Democrat friends says Nancy Pelosi does not represent them. I hope that a bipartisan movement prevails for the sake of our Democracy. Beto 2018.Chanda Parbhoo, DallasWhat 'conservative' meansRe: "Likeable, but still a liberal," by Sherry Renfro, Sunday Letters.Renfroe concedes that Beto O'Rourke is a nice guy and has no doubt about that. But, she then concludes she will vote for the conservative candidate because O'Rourke is a liberal and will put liberal policies in place.I no longer know what conservative means. At my age, I once would have thought that conservative might mean not wanting to put AR-15s into the hands of civilians. I never realized conservative meant not stopping mentally ill people from obtaining these weapons.I also realize conservative now means "not raising taxes." Somehow, I don't see how conservative means leaving your children and grandchildren with a national debt of almost $20 trillion.It seems to me that conservative has become a knee-jerk reaction. One that is not given much thought or substance by those who identify as conservative. Tell me what you mean by conservative. I am very confused.Robert Henderson, Dallas/Turtle CreekBehavior doesn't negate truthThose of us who study rhetoric know the importance of Aristotle's concept of ethos. One of the most challenging yet essential tasks in the current polarized political environment is carefully separating our beliefs about a person's actions and policies from the veracity of what they say. Ethos offers us a way to address this challenge, and former FBI Director James Comey provides an instructive example. In retrospect, did he make inappropriate decisions regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation? Perhaps so. Was it a mistake to publish a book, as well as promote the book via numerous public interviews, while the Russia investigation is ongoing? Strong arguments have been made indicating it was indeed an error. Nevertheless, none of these actions and our views about them vitiates the accuracy of Comey's claims about his interactions with President Donald Trump. Those who know and have worked with him — and are familiar with his copious note-taking habit immediately following interactions with Trump — suggest that Comey is telling the truth. Contrast this with the president's documented record of being less than truthful.Richard Cherwitz, AustinCall him Don TrumpeoneIn former FBI Director James Comey's new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, he likens President Donald Trump to a mob boss. Should we should start calling the president Don Trumpeone?And, it seems pretty clear that Trump would like Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller fired not because they are incompetent but because they are doing too good a job.Kenneth L. Zimmerman, Huntington Beach, Calif.  Continue reading...

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