NBC5 Forecast: Arctic Chill in Place

Temperatures will remain below freezing in DFW today under mostly cloudy skies. A good deal of cloud cover will stick around for much of North Texas, but it should stay dry. The arctic air in place will stay put today and slowly loosen its grip over the next few days.Latest Video Forecast TODAY: Considerable high clouds with intervals of sun. Cold, with morning wind chills in the teens. High: 30. Wind: N 5-10 mph. TONIGHT: Partly cloudy. Low: 19. Wind: Wind N 5-10 mph. WEDNESDAY: Sunny and cold. Low: 19. High: 45. Wind: N 5-15 mph. THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. Low: 26. High: 44. Wind: SE 5-10 mph. FRIDAY: Sunny and slightly warmer. Low: 26. High: 49. Wind: SE 5-10 mph. SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and milder. Low: 33. High: 54. Wind: S 10-20 mph. SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy and breezy with a 20% chance of showers or drizzle. Low: 45. High: 62. Wind: S 10-20 mph. MONDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 43. High: 54. Wind: NW 10 mph. TUESDAY: Mostly sunny. Low: 33. High: 48. Wind: N 10 mph. WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Low 39. High 48. Wind: N 10-20 mph. THURSDAY: Partly cloudy. Low 39. High 50. Wind: S 10 mph.  Continue reading...

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