Man Pops Out of Ex-girlfriend's Trunk at Texas Walmart, Violating Protective Order Police Say

An East Texas man violated a protective order against him by hiding in his ex-girlfriend's trunk, police say.Spencer Cornell Brown, 26, of Nash was arrested Wednesday in Texarkana, Texas.The ex-girlfriend called police around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday after encountering Brown outside a Walmart Neighborhood Market. She told officers that she had heard movement from her vehicle, then Brown — against whom she had recently obtained a protective order — calling her name.After she parked the car, she said, Brown got out of the trunk and she ran into the store to call 911.Several minutes later, a Texarkana officer saw Brown nearby and recognized him from a police bulletin after a previous allegation that he violated the protective order.Brown at first told the officer his name was Jerry, police said, but eventually admitted that he was lying. Police said they did not know how long, exactly, Brown had been hiding in the trunk.He was arrested on two counts of violating a protective order and one count of failure to identify. Brown remained in custody Thursday, with bail set at $25,000.  Continue reading...

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