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Homeowners have rightsMore than one of your Dallas City Council recommendations felt that commercial property owner rights needed to be balanced with neighborhood concerns almost as if those rights were paramount. Residents have rights, too, perhaps more so. Homeowners are the majority stakeholders of a neighborhood. They own most of the land and its improvements. They invested in property where rules were in place about how their commercial neighbors could and would behave. Drastically upzoning adjacent commercial property changes those rules.Sudden property tax increases, loss of neighborhood character, increased traffic and out-of-scale, incompatible new construction are all quality-of-life issues. It is the public that has to live with these problems long after the developers take their money and move on to develop elsewhere. Rights don't begin and end at the property line. Neighborhoods have a fundamental right to self-determination and their opinions should lead zoning conversations: not the other way around.Michael Amonett, Dallas/Oak CliffDistrict 5 needs TorresRe: "We recommend Williams for Dallas City Council, District 5," Friday Editorials.I have lived in Pleasant Grove since 1987 and worked at Pleasant Grove Weed & Seed with Rickey Callahan. His appointment of Yolanda Faye Williams to the Park Board was a mystery for many. She certainly takes credit for a great deal of accomplishments. The vote for Walt Humann to take over Fair Park without a fair and equitable bid process was a real eye-opener. Friday, we received a letter from "Dallas Citizens for Accountable Government" touting Williams' belief in the value of maintaining Confederate memorials and the City Council's "extreme agenda." The letter is signed by Rick Range.With very little effort I found that the organization "Dallas Citizens for Accountable Government" doesn't really exist. Range claimed an endorsement from Empower Texans during his campaign for land commissioner in 2017. We should all remember Empower Texans from its attempt to privatize our public schools, the closing of Dallas County Schools and its opposition to anything for working families. I believe The Dallas Morning News does not have District 5's best interests at heart. The Dallas AFL-CIO interviewed all three candidates - Ruth Torres is our choice.Bonnie Mathias, Dallas/Pleasant GroveWe need feasible transformationRe: "Miller, Gates in political slugfest - Towers and traffic dominate a contest focused on issues in a single neighborhood," April 15 news story.Evidently, Laura Miller's flawed approach to Preston Center and the PD-15 plan is to cheapen the land and cause depreciation. This approach was evidenced in April 2018 when she waved a lowball (1/3 below market value) offer from her developer buddy LeLand Burk for burned down Preston Place at a community meeting and shamed Preston Place owners, who had lost their homes, for not taking it. If the only ability to redevelop involves losing money, there will be no redevelopment until the properties have deteriorated enough to make the money work. This is something Councilwoman Jennifer Gates is trying to change.There is a desperate need for an increased residential vibrancy in PD-15 and Preston Center that invests in modern, attractive structures and neighborhood infrastructure. Decrepit complexes exist in PD-15 that can't afford repairs and whose only economic option is to be torn down. The community needs a feasible transformation approach in addition to the Preston Road and Northwest Highway Area Plan which is a vision, not a workable redevelopment plan. Gates' proposed rezoning will provide a viable redevelopment plan for now and the future.Priscilla Lane, DallasAllen's taxes high enoughAs a former Allen ISD educator, you'd think I'd vote for the current bond proposal, but I'm not. This is a tax that will cost each homeowner a lifetime of increased costs. School taxes in Allen are some of the highest in the state. This tax will not make the teachers or students better - Allen already has great schools. But Allen also has super-high taxes. So why risk losing your home, or not being able to sell it, due to excessive taxes? Vote no! Be a fiscal conservative, not a tax-and-spend voter.Joel Blaylock, AllenCreuzot should enforce lawsRe: "Abbott and Paxton blast DA proposal - Letter urges him to rethink plan that may 'promote lawlessness,'" Friday Metro & Business story.Revealing a post-election policy of not prosecuting "minor" law-breakers because they are "in need" and pose no threat to the public welfare is unprecedented and preposterous. I voted for John Creuzot because of his past reputation of strict law enforcement, civility in the courtroom and fidelity for protecting public welfare. Clearly, Creuzot's values have been compromised. He is a district attorney, not another liberal judge who freely manipulates and interprets the law to suit an agenda. If Creuzot can't enforce our laws and prosecute wrongdoers, he should resign.Elaine Coullias, DallasThursday in DeSoto ISDMany teachers, paraprofessionals, and even security guards at DeSoto ISD were stunned right before the Good Friday holiday when they found out they were selected to make a decision: willingly resign or be terminated at the end of the school year. All of them had the same question: How did administrators decide who stays and who goes? One first-year teacher in particular is set to make DeSoto ISD history by getting over 75 students certified in Microsoft Office 365. Although this seems like an accomplishment, she left school Thursday in disbelief.Bionca Murray, DeSotoAbandon 'germ cannons'Re: "Designed to scrape by -- Corporate number crunchers like the Dyson Airblade, but it turns workers into germ-cannon fodder," by Mark Lamster, Sunday Arts & Life column.On behalf of all of those of us who suffer in silence, thanks to Lamster for his excoriating critique of the Dyson Airblade. While the noise pollution they create is sufficient cause to object to the things, the realization that they amount to "germ cannons" in the restroom is truly horrifying. Planners of public facilities everywhere: Please stay away from these machines as hand-drying solutions, and encourage industrial designers to come up with new concepts.Kathy Rechnitzer Kelly, Fort WorthWhen does hail start?We had a pleasant weather forecast for Easter weekend, but I wondered when the hail would start.John Dale Moore, Murphy  Continue reading...

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