Dallas Firefighters Grieve for Comrade Killed in NYC Crash: ‘He Made It Fun to Be at the Fire Station'

Fire Station 36 Driver Devin Holt remembers making a quick judgment about an energetic young firefighter named Brian McDaniel, who first showed up for work last October at the West Dallas firehouse."He would crack some wisecrack and then smile like he was the cutest kid that ever walked through these doors," said Holt, a 17-year veteran firefighter. "I thought, 'Boy, he's going to have a rough time around here.'"But McDaniel, 26, grew on the crew quickly. He took their razzing and dished it back out. He picked up a nickname — Goose, partially a reference to a character in the movie Top Gun — and looked and acted the part of a firefighter.Tuesday was McDaniel's shift, but Goose won't ever walk through the door again. McDaniel was one of five people killed Sunday in a helicopter crash in New York City, where he was visiting a friend.  Continue reading...

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