Cockiness Ended in Catastrophe Under Surgeon's Knife, Dallas Patients Testify

A day after a Dallas jury found a neurosurgeon guilty of intentionally crippling an elderly woman he operated on, a string of his former patients and co-workers testified in his sentencing trial.A consistent thread ran through Wednesday's testimony: Christopher Duntsch always came off as knowledgeable and confident — even cocky — but as soon as his skills were put to the test, he made catastrophic and often irreversible errors.Duntsch, 45, performed back surgeries at various hospitals in Dallas and Collin counties until his arrest in July 2015.The Colorado doctor has been in the Dallas County Jail ever since, booked on five aggravated assault charges after four of his patients were maimed and two died between July 2012 and June 2013.  Continue reading...

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