After Doug Jones' Win in Alabama, We Need Senators to Extremists on Both Sides. Here's How That Can Work.

Doug Jones' election to the Senate means that if Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn lose even a single Republican vote on any issue before the chamber, they'll need to go running for help from the vice president. Lose two members, and welcome to the Republican Nightmare on Main Street.That prospect has Democrats flexing their muscles and Resisters everywhere walking tall. But let me suggest another path forward, one that could steer the Senate, and with it the nation, away from the death-eater partisanship that everyone says they hate and everyone admits has taken over the Capitol.What If three Republicans announced they so sick of the whole game as it's now played they would no longer vote along party lines. Instead, they'd examine every major piece of legislation on its merits, no matter who authors it.   Continue reading...

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