A Russian Cinderella, ‘Anastasia' Draws Young Girls by the Thousands to the Music Hall at Fair Park

Russia, Russia. These days, it's all about the Russians. The 1960s mantra "Here come the Russians" is now hopelessly outdated. They're already here. They're everywhere!And on Tuesday night, they were even on the stage at the Music Hall at Fair Park, for the opening of Anastasia, the musical about an amnesiac who may or may not be the long-lost daughter of the Russian czar.Well, OK, it was American actors playing Russians, but you get the point. In its ambitious new season, Dallas Summer Musicals is giving us a big dose of Russian history fueled by a revolution — Anastasia runs through March 3 — followed by a big dose of American history fueled by a revolution.That, of course, refers to the Dallas arrival of the Broadway sensation Hamilton, which will (finally) open on the Music Hall stage on April 2.  Continue reading...

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