A Gunman’s Rage Shattered Their Lives. Now, Sutherland Springs Must Try to Move on

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS — When Leslie Ward walked outside Sunday morning to set up for a yard sale, she didn’t know her world — the lives of her family, her entire community — were about to change forever.A gunman had just entered the church two blocks from her home, where her nieces and nephew were attending morning services with their mother. The two little girls, aged 5 and 7, wouldn’t make it through the day. Their mother, too, died there in the church.Just little Ryland, a five-year old shot four times by a madman, made it out alive. He’s still fighting, he's stable, the family says, undergoing surgery after surgery to mend his little body. He’ll probably be in the hospital for months. But it will be years before the Ward family and this small corner of Texas return to anything like normalcy. If it ever can.  Continue reading...

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