3,000 More JFK Assassination Files to Be Released

WASHINGTON -- The National Archives will release a fresh batch of records from the John F. Kennedy assassination files on Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time.The 3,539 records will the last released pending a final review of records that remain sealed at the request of the CIA, FBI and a handful of other agencies who pressed the White House for more time ahead of a deadline set a quarter century earlier.In 1992, Congress set Oct. 26, 2017, for the release of all remaining documents in the Kennedy collection. President Donald Trump added six months to avert any irreversible damage to national security.The National Archives released five batches of records earlier this year."Our job is to be stewards of these materials. We preserve them, protect them, and then coordinate the process to get them released so that they can be made available to the public," said Jay Bosanko, chief operating officer at the National Archives. "We don't pass judgment on the value of the information or draw any conclusions about the content. That's left for the American people - for journalists, researchers, historians and the like."  Continue reading...

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