DeMarcus Ware, Company Man

DeMarcus Ware is a company man, ready for anything Dallas coaches throw his way.

What started as a joke between teammates illustrates DeMarcus Ware's willingness to do whatever it takes to win in 2009.

The Cowboys linebacker was on the field at Wednesday’s mini-camp session with a “C” sewn on the chest of his no. 94 jersey.

He’s not a captain, — that’ll have to wait a couple years — but a company man, as decided by teammates after last Tuesday’s OTA workout.
Coaches had the team line up for 200 yards of sprints, the typical end to any offseason workout, when Ware yelled, “Let’s do 300.”
Obviously, Ware hasn’t forgotten about it since. The patch was a gift from Leonard “Bigg” Davis, who sacrificed lunch on Wednesday to make the alteration.
But what began as a joke, some jocular ribbing between teammates, seems seriously fitting considering Ware’s openness to an evolved role in Dallas’ offense.
With a more solid secondary in 2009 Head Coach Wade Phillips has been tinkering with the best defensive player in the league. (At least according to
Traditionally, Ware has lined up on the right side of the line, pursuing quarterbacks from the blind side.
This has, obviously, produced some prodigious sack totals, but Phillips believes moving Ware around more often will throw offensive lines in fits.  --By being forced to make late adjustments they will keep an eye on Ware.
The team has used the package in a limited capacity over the past two seasons with some success. Ware’s much-deserved reputation will ineluctably lead to mismatches along the line of scrimmage, meaning basically that if the pressure doesn’t come from Ware, it will increase the chances of it coming from somewhere else.
The move has a third benefit. With Ware pursuing from the left, sack totals might go down somewhat (maybe), but it could also potentially, precipitate a higher volume of bad passes from opposing QBs.
With a secondary that has made increasing turnovers a priority this summer, these wobbly passes (ducks, if you will) may find their way into the hands of Dallas’ defensive backs with a greater regularity than a year ago, when the team was 30th in the league in interceptions.
Ware himself, predictably, is ready for the responsibility—company man that he is.
“Just get me somewhere,” Ware said. “And let me go.”
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