Dallas Moustache Strikes Again!

Who are these mysterious gentlemen? And how did they get our moustache? Er… we mean email address? Oh right, you can email us now that we’re official. Yesssss. Last week we mentioned something about a certain couple of Dallas companies that were doing a certain something to raise awareness for a certain something that was dedicated to a certain this: BAM. Last night, Yelpers met up with the Dallas Mo’ crew for the monthly happy hours they have been hosting at various locales around town. The shindig took place at Lee Harvey’s, the chain-link fence surrounded Cedars bar known for its radtastical jukebox, cat and mascot named "Bacon" and yard chimneys for roasting ‘mallows. If you are just tuning into Movember (where have you been), don’t fret. You still have about 14 days to get your Fu Manchu in full blossom.

Along with these mysterious photos, were details on Yelp's Secret Carnivale taking place this Friday. Get your future read, watch a circus duo, and dance to the beats of 12inchpimp, DJ Jonny5, while swigging on Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and Lone Star (preferably not at the same time.)

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