15 Things We Could Do With Reunion Arena

If you haven't been around Interstate 35 at Interstate 30 in Dallas lately, you might not have seen how far along the crews from A&R Demolition have gotten with Reunion Arena. Let's just say that the once proud home of the Mavericks and Stars now looks like a "coffee table from 1974" -- and it's going to stay that way until someone ponies up some more dough.

Bobby Sky (our new cute nickname for the Observer's Robert Wilonsky, get it?) lets us know the demolitions group needs $49,500 more due to the "unforseen" problems in kicking the legs out from the table top. This could delay the demo until January -- so what can we do with it while we wait? Here are our suggestions:

  1. Covered parking
  2. Covered beach volleyball pit
  3. Homeless shelter
  4. New Dallas Cowboys practice facility
  5. Largest solar array in DFW
  6. Shady new space for Dallas Farmers Market
  7. Gladitorial combat arena for Town Hall crowds
  8. DFW's largest communal umbrella
  9. Gigantic pavilion for outdoor family reunions (the Reunion name would fit)
  10. Fill the bottom with water and hold mock naval battles with solar-powered water taxis.
  11. Provide seating for those seeking unemployment benefits.
  12. First Baptist Church overflow space for Christmas services
  13. Farms on the top, hydroponic growth in the middle, shady growth veggies on the bottom. (Potatoes?)
  14. Driving range and batting cage combination.
  15. Leppert Land theme park

Think of anything we missed?

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