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RoughRiders Game Turns Foul



    by Bruce Felps

    San Antonio police played about as significant a role in Tuesday’s minor league baseball game as players from the Frisco RoughRiders and San Antonio Missions.

    The game apparently got out of hand in the ninth inning after ‘Riders DH Michael Bianucci hit what he and teammates thought was a go-ahead two-out homerun. Umpires begged to differ and called the shot a ground-rule double, preserving the Missions’ lead. Next batter struck out, and ballgame.

    That’s when things got a little dicey.

    A San Antonio Express-Newsarticle reported that fans yelled smack at RoughRiders players, players tossed a trash can and bats at fans, fans tossed them back, and the cops moved in — after calling for backup — ‘cuffed “at least” three fans and restored some semblance of order.

    Game MVP to the police.

    Geez, boys, you’re supposed to be professionals — minor leaguers, sure, but still professionals. Fans yell stupid crap. Is an indefinite suspension worth the retaliation?

    Play the game, keep your head between the lines, and tune out the loudmouth morons in the stands.

    You shouldn’t have to be told.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He’s never been a loudmouth moron in the stands. He keeps his voice at normal, conversational levels.