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What You Need to Know to Hook Up With Olivia Munn



    Wanna couple with “Perfect Couple” star Olivia Munn?

    Count on your celebrity wingman at PopcornBiz to do the advance scouting with your latest obsession, who kindly provided a field guide to dating the star of the new NBC series which debuted last night.

    On the reason that men have given her for breaking up with her:

    "If I had to put this into an official interview, I'd probably say people have broken up with are like, 'Oh, you just want to have sex too much.' That's what I'd want to go on the record. 'Hey, Olivia, sometimes you're too awesome and you want sex too much. And you cook all the time.'"

    On how much sex is too much sex:

    "I think too much sex is when you can't walk anymore. That would be a good barometer. But I think that in every healthy relationship, there are ebbs and flows but really, when you have somebody that's your best friend and you also want to have sex with them, it's very important. When people don't have sex in relationships, that's not healthy. It's inevitable that the breakup is coming."

    On why her more geeky admirers actually may have a shot with her:

    "I did the hot, the athletic, the tall guys, the really suave kind of guy. And really at the end of the day all that stuff goes away and it's just two people in bed and it's about how you connect to that person. I just really want a really nice guy that's funny, who makes me laugh – but also that I'm attracted to. I hate when people say, 'Oh, sense of humor and nice.' I mean, you want to be attracted to them."

    On what makes a good date:

    Once we start talking if he just seems very real and he's not trying to pretend to be something else. "Just being very present. I'm very simple: I don't like ironic first dates. Like, I'm not going to go skydiving and things that are crazy. I just like to talk and hang out. I've always said there's no good pickup line. It's just physical attraction in the beginning, and then there's the chemistry. Because if it's there, it's there. If it's not, it's not."