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Mark Cuban On Cowboys Conflict: WAHHHHHHHHH



    Big game Saturday night, all you Dallas folk. Are you getting excited? Are you pumped? Jazzed? Ready to take off your pants at a moment’s notice? I am. I can hardly wait. It’s gonna be a HUGE contest, this Mavs vs. Jazz game. THIS COULD BE THE TURNING POINT OF THE NBA REGULAR SEASON.

    Wait, what? There’s ANOTHER game on that night? A football game? A playoff game? Involving a team from Dallas? And it’s on at the same time as the Mavs? Well, that’s just insanity! And Mavericks owner Mark “Billion Dollar Inches” Cuban is decidedly not happy at all about the conflict. To the blockquotes:


    Cuban is upset that the NFL scheduled the Dallas Cowboys' home playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles for Saturday night, which conflicts with the Mavericks' home game against the Utah Jazz.

    "I know we're just little pissants compared to the NFL, but seriously, the NFL is turning into the ugly American when it comes to sports leagues," Cuban said. "They don't give a crap about anybody but themselves…"

    "Maybe the other leagues, when it comes to supporting them, will pull a Jim Irsay and disappear in the middle of the night," Cuban said, referring to the Colts' move from Baltimore to Indianapolis that was actually orchestrated by Jim Irsay's father Bob in 1984.

    Oh, I’m sorry, Mark. I was unaware that it was the NFL’s job to make sure everyone in the NBA is rich and prosperous. How dare they. Sports are meant to be a communal business! You scratch my back, I get you a rubdown at the Gold Club! Isn’t that how this is supposed to work?!

    Actually, no. It isn’t. The NFL owes the NBA nothing. They don’t give a crap about anybody but themselves because they aren’t SUPPOSED to give a crap about anybody but themselves. In fact, the NBA is a competitive product. If the NFL wants to schedule a playoff game at the same time as a meaningless NBA regular season game most people don’t give a rip about, that’s their right. Don’t blame the NFL if no one turns up for your game, Cubes. Blame the fact that the league you run in has an endless regular season, a dozen teams more than it can support, and a postseason that’s decided by Dick Bavetta spinning a wheel with each team’s name on it. None of that is the NFL’s fault.

    Don’t like it? Buy the Jaguars, kid.