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Hail to the Cowboys



    Last week I almost fell a sleep watching the Cowboys make a mess all over Lambeau Field. It was just ugly football. I guess we can cut them some slack after winning four-straight, and positioning themselves in first place in the NFC East. Besides, jobs were on the line last week for Green Bay suits.

    The Cowboys are great at using the NFL mantra, "this weeks game is the biggest game of the season." For once, they're right. The Redskins aren't good. In fact, other than the Raiders, the 'Skins are the most drama filled team in the league. Their coach Jim Zorn is all but fired. Their quarterback, Jason Campbell, is still feeling cheated on from the whole Jay Cutler fiasco. And the injuries are starting to pile up.

    This is a game the Cowboy have to win to grab that 7-3 record, and stay in charge in the division. The challenge today will be the two new starters because of injury. Doug Free and right tackle for Marc Colombo, and Alan Ball, starting a safety for Ken Hamlin. At least for this week, I'm not sure those will be huge factors. The Redskins really don't have an offensive threat that will pose any problems for Ball. Brian Orakpo, the rookie out of Texas could give Free some minor fits, but I think the Cowboys offense will be okay.

    This stretch of schedule should see that Cowboys at 8-3 going into December. If not, they're in trouble. I think the offense rebounds, and the Cowboys will get back to their winning ways today.

    Other things to watch:

    • Will Jason Garrett figure out he needs to run the ball more than 14-times this week?
    • Will Jason Garrett figure out that Felix Jones needs to touch the ball more than three times today?
    • Will Jason Garrett use the Free situation to ease things in for him?
    • Will Jason Witten appear today?
    • Albert Haynesworth may not play today. That would be a huge break for the Cowboys.

    My fearless prediction:

    Cowboys   23   Redskins   13