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Frank Walker Has Had Enough of "Football Homos"



    You'd think by now that professional athletes would know better than to vent their frustrations on Twitter, particularly Cowboys defensive back Frank Walker, who has already drew attention to his Twitter feed by using it to recruit porn stars earlier this year. But Walker isn't deterred by such criticism! No, no he isn't! In fact, he's willing to go the extra mile to get you to notice his status updates, and there are few better ways to do that than by tossing out a few homophobic slurs: 

    @FRANKWALKER41 FRANK B. WALKER II Man I guy stalkers on twitter these f-----g football homos.

    @FRANKWALKER41 FRANK B. WALKER II @DTaylorEvoX who cares fag.

    Oh dear. That's probably not good. Hey Frank, why would you use such ugly slurs on your Twitter feed? 

    FRANKWALKER41 FRANK B. WALKER II If u don't like wat I'm saying don't follow me.

    Ah, yes. Well, that's true. We don't have to follow you if we don't like what you're saying. The problem is that your employers might not see eye-to-eye with you on such things. Now, I know that might cause you a bit of undue stress. Do you have any ideas as to how we can make this whole controversy go away? 

    FRANKWALKER41 FRANK B. WALKER II Looking for a massage therapist in dallas that's travels let me know. If u know of any

    Perfect idea. I'm sure there are many massage therapists on Twitter who offer "full bodywork" at absolute discretion. I wish you the best of luck on your search.

    Anyway, I do think Frank may get fined for these comments, which would certainly cut into his massage budget. And that would be a real shame, what with all those homos stalking him.