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Help support those in need with NBC 5 and the Austin Street Center.

Homelessness in Dallas is growing at an alarming rate and the Austin Street Center is dedicated to helping our most vulnerable neighbors.

The Covid-19 pandemic is heavily impacting the homeless, who are up to four times more likely to be affected by Covid-19 than the general public. Nearly one-third of Austin Street Center’s clients qualify as high-risk for Covid-19 due to their age and/or underlying health conditions.

Dallas will soon be dealing with inclement weather and the decreasing temperatures along with the health and economic challenges caused by Covid-19, will present more battles to the pre-existing homelessness crisis.

Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Austin Street Center, one of Dallas’ largest low barrier shelters, is continuing to strive towards providing safer shelter and basic needs of the homeless.

Austin Street Center’s specialized model focuses on providing service to each individual. The center serves men, ages 45 and older and women, ages 18 and older. Individuals receive more than just a meal and a bed. The center has a comprehensive program that provides housing-focused case management, substance abuse recovery, educational resources, employment services, benefit navigation, diversion services to prevent homelessness, mental and medical health care, spiritual support and transportation.

The overall goal of Austin Street Center is to help their client’s transition from homelessness to independence.

With support from the community, Austin Street Center is able to provide for more than 400 men and women who find shelter and safety within their center.

To donate visit, https://www.austinstreet.org/donations_/.

To find the list of immediate needs and the drop-off location, visit https://www.austinstreet.org/needs/.

For volunteering opportunities visit, https://austinstreet.galaxydigital.com.

Austin Street Center Future Activity:

Help Them Home Capital Campaign
Homelessness in Dallas is growing at an alarming rate and the Austin Street Center is expanding to meet the need with a new 60,000-square-foot, 24/7, client-focused homeless shelter and day service center. For more information about the Help Them Home Capital Campaign, visit https://www.austinstreet.org/campaign.

Night With Norm
On Thursday, December 10, Austin Street Center will host the 15th Annual Night With Norm. This free virtual event will stream live on Austin Street’s website. This year, radio legend Norm Hitzges of Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket, will interview Troy Aikman, Rick Carlisle, Bob Lilly, and Chris Woodward. For more information about the Night With Norm, visit https://www.austinstreet.org/events/night-with-norm.

Austin Street Center
To donate visit, https://www.austinstreet.org/donations_
To volunteer visit, https://austinstreet.galaxydigital.com
List of immediate needs and drop of location visit, https://www.austinstreet.org/needs/

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