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Reindeer on the Run

Animals are part of a petting zoo

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    Webster Police Department
    Webster police helped catch a pair of reindeer that escaped Wednesday when a petting zoo trailer came unhitched.

    Were two of Santa's reindeer heading to the North Pole?

    Police said two reindeer hit the ground running near Houston after part of a trailer hauling them popped open and the animals jumped out Wednesday morning.

    Webster police received several phone calls about the runaway reindeer dashing near Interstate 45 during rush hour.

    Chief Ray Smiley on Thursday said a latch on a ramp that's part of the trailer came loose and opened before the driver could slow down.

    Smiley said he dispatched officers to guide traffic away from Comet and Dancer as Santa -- Santa Joe, that is -- managed to catch and reload the reindeer.

    Comet and Dancer weren't hurt.

    The reindeer are part of a petting zoo. Santa Joe travels to local schools with the reindeer.