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Arlington Mayor: the Super Bowl is in Arlington, Not Dallas

Robert Cluck is frustrated by folks who believe Super Bowl XLV is in Dallas



    City of Arlington
    Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck

    The Mayor of Arlington would like to remind you that when Super Bowl XLV will be played next Sunday, it will be played in Arlington. Not Dallas.

    Mayor Rober Cluck has grown, in his words, frustrated over the many slightly-wrong folks who have referred to Super Bowl XLV as being played in Dallas. Of course, it won’t, actually, but the sprawling nature of the Dallas area, and the fact that the team who call the stadium home are known as being from “Dallas,” some confusion is inevitable.

    All the same, Mayor Cluck wants to be clear.

    Does it make me angry? No. It’s just something we have to overcome,” Cluck told FOX 4 recently. “I’m frustrated. Sure. That’s the word.”

    Drew Pearson is on Cluck’s side. He argues that, what with the city anteing up when the team needed a new home, Arlington deserves to have its name attached to the Super Bowl.

    “It’s a big deal for the city of Arlington,” Pearson said.” Arlington is a growing community. And they’ve done some things and taken tremendous initiatives. Including when the city of Dallas dropped the ball, they were right there to catch that ball and bring Cowboys Stadium to their city.”