Arlington Police Make an Arrest in Shoe Store Shooting

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    Arlington police arrested 21-year-old Jacob Everett for killing a shoe store clerk, but detectives have said little about a possible motive.

    Arlington police released extensive details Wednesday into the investigation and arrest of a man they say was behind the murder of a shoe store manager.

    Sgt. Jeffrey Houston with the Arlington Police Department said officers arrested 21-year-old Jacob Galen Everett in connection with the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Red Wing Shoes store manager Randy Pacheco.

    Pacheco was fatally shot on Feb. 25 within the Red Wing Shoes location during a robbery.

    Shoe Store Victim's Family Speaks to NBC 5

    [DFW] Shoe Store Victim's Family Speaks to NBC 5
    Less than a day after the arrest of a suspect, the family of a shoe store manager slain in a robbery speaks with NBC 5.

    According to Sgt. Houston, Everett was arrested around 9 p.m. Tuesday night after he was questioned by police.

    Arrest Made in Arlington Shoe Store Slaying

    [DFW] Arrest Made in Arlington Shoe Store Slaying
    Arlington police have made an arrest in connection with the fatal shooting of a 23-year-old shoe store manager.

    Police released surveillance video two days after the shooting that showed a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt, carrying a gun and pointing. The portion of the surveillance video that recorded Pacheco's murder was edited out by police before the video was released to the public.

    Following the news coverage, the department received more than 60 tips about the fatal shooting.

    From those tips, detectives received information that led them to a vehicle matching the description of one seen near the store at the time of the shooting. The owner of the vehicle was Everett, according to police.

    After investigating further, police said they determined Everett traded-in the truck seen in the video one week after the shooting and had been driving another vehicle that he had purchased in Arlington that had temporary license plates.

    According to a search warrant issued by police, investigators searched Everett's home for handguns, ammunition, Red Wing Shoes that were believed to have been taken from the store and other items of clothing that matched those seen on surveillance video.

    Questions About Motive

    "Why?" That's the question Genoveva Pacheco asks, why someone murdered her son.

    Police haven't released a motive in the case.

    "In my heart now, only pain," added Pacheco.

    Neighbors believe Everett lived at a home on San Ramon Court in Arlington with his brother and brother's fiancé.

    "The fella that was arrested seemed to be a nice guy, he would wave and smile and talk across the yard with us," said neighbor Jim Wasden.

    On Wednesday night, no one answered the door to the home. The new car that police believe Everett purchased after trading in the suspect vehicle, sat in the driveway with temporary tags.

    "This is a huge surprise that something like this would have happened and been this close to us," added Wasden.

    Arraignment to Be Held Wednesday

    Everett will be arraigned Wednesday morning and Houston said he would be charged with capital murder because Pachecho was killed during the commission of robbery, another felony. Bail has not yet been set.

    Police said the tipster that gave investigators information about the vehicle's location will likely be eligible for the $10,000 offered by Red Wing Shoes as a reward for the arrest and indictment of a suspect.

    NBC 5's Ray Villeda and Christina Miralla contributed to an earlier version of this story.