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Daft Punk Bails on Colbert, Inspires Celebrity-Studded "Get Lucky" Dance Off



    Stephen Colbert dances with Hugh Laurie to "Get Lucky."

    Stephen Colbert and some famous friends boogied and lip synched to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" on Tuesday after the French electro duo spurned "The Colbert Report" by canceling their appearance one day before the show.

    "This is Colbchella," Colbert said, referring to the faux music festival that would have featured Daft Punk if they showed up. "And it's time to dance!"

    During the bit, Colbert proceeded to get down with Hugh Laurie and Jeff Bridges. He interrupted the "Charlie Rose Show" to dance with Bryan Cranston and crashed the "Late Night" set to get host Jimmy Fallon in on the action, all while "Get Lucky" pumped in the background.

    Even Jon Stewart made an appearance by Skype'ing in his dance off. Colbert also barged in to Henry Kissenger's office, prompting the former Secretary of State to (jokingly) call security.

    Daft Punk was scheduled to perform on Tuesday's "The Colbert Report" but canceled because of contractual obligations with MTV. The duo is to make what was suppose to be a surprise performance on the MTV Video Music Awards later this month and showing up at "StePhest Colbchella" would have breached their contract. 

    Comedy Central and MTV are both owned by Viacom.

    Check out the hilarious video below:

    The Colbert Report
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    The Colbert Report
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