Winter Slipping and Sliding (and Falling) - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Winter Slipping and Sliding (and Falling)

NBC 5 Viewers share their slipping and sliding shenanigans. :00 to :37 - Feeding ducks at the Crawford Farms Subdivision in Keller 12/10/13 from Paul Noriega. :37 to :48 - Three days after this ice storm we venture out and the ducks thought they try a little sledding with us today from Robert Lamaster. :48 to 1:02 - Duck walks/skates across walk in Weatherford, from Thomas Allen. 1:02 to 1:19 - Layne Hopper, age 10, from Argyle, jumping onto what he thought was snow but was frozen ice!! from Kathryn Fay 1:19 to 1:34 - 10-year-old Emma Lowery ties to pogo in Lantana, TX, from Meredith Lowery. 1:34 to 1:57 - Cameron Moore, of Saginaw, takes on the ice. Cameron - 0 Ice Storm - 1 1:57 to 2:12 - This is my son in the backyard the first time I let him out to play when all this bad weather hit. He didn't realize how slippery it was OR that his sister was video taping him from inside. He carried his radio out to the back porch and was attempting to break dance.....or something.....and thought he was too cool for school until the ice got the best of him, from Sherry Morgan. 2:12 to 2:35 - Snow not to be wasted in Wise County, from John Coleman. 2:35 to 2:41 - Slide and Fall from Alicia. 2:41 to 2:46 - Who needs snow we have fun in ice, from Candice Swanson. 2:46 to 3:25 - Watch my daughter's reaction as I was tubing down my acre long driveway just as I plowed her over!!! I couldn't stop since my driveway is downhill. Had quite a bit of speed, from Carmen Ashcraft. 3:25 to 3:52 - We had to get them outside and my husband suggested the laundry baskets. The boys are 20 months, Luke and 2 1/2, William, from Colleen Schiermeyer in North Fort Worth. 3:52 to 4:08 - Avery(9) skiing with her dogs, from Joel Friesch. 4:08 to 4:34 - Playing in the ice in Cleburne in Johnson county, from Jose Lira. 4:34 to 5:00 - Tow-In Sledding In Grapevine TX, Perfect way to spend an ice day, from Erik Nelson. 5:00 to 4:13 - "Captain" loves this weather! From Joyce and Jerry. 5:13 to 5:54 - Our dog Cody digging his ball out of the ice in Keller, from Kenneth 5:54 to 6:11 - My boys, Tyler and Clay, sledding here at home in Ponder, TX. Our horse "Roper" joining in on the fun as well, from Lori Akins.