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Get The 411 On Pawn Shops



    Get The 411 On Pawn Shops

    At Fort Worth-based Cash America, Operations Director Jeff Phillips says the company has seen a spike in the number of customers. 

    He says first-timers often have many questions. 

    "The knowledge of the pawn business is very slim," Phillips said.

    Here is where you can find answers to many common questions about how pawn shops work:

    Cherita Reynolds said she remembers the first time she went to a pawn shop.

     "I was pretty embarrassed.  But it was okay.  I got over it," she said.

    Cherita came in to get a loan using her X-Box 360 as collateral.  She walked out with $100 that she says she will use to pay her phone bill.

    "It's very helpful," she said.  "I don't know if people think it's below them or not, but I know when gas prices were high, even my mother spoke to tons of people who had never been to a pawn shop but had to go."