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Get Stuff For Free

North Texas mother zeroes in on deals and discounts



    Get Stuff For Free
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    Don't throw your money away, get stuff for free.

    North Texas mother Laura Thornquist has a goal, the get stuff for free.

    "It's one of those things when you walk home and you can get something free, or you can get your husband a free haircut or your son a free haircut or a free get addicted to it,"  Thornquist said.

    She says she can feed and entertain her family at a very low cost or even for free several times a week.

    "I didn't set out to be the cheapest person of the century, that wasn't my goal, but once I learned how much i could save and pay it forward and help everybody else, I'm like, 'why not?"

    The keys are to check the mail, websites and store circulars.

    Thornquist also says you should create a free e-mail account that you can use to sign up for newsletters and alerts that might include coupons.

    You can check out her coupon blog and newsletter by clicking here.