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Looking for 10 Weird Houses

Real estate website seeks unusual homes



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    OK, so we’re moving up the house chain. First we had the ugliest home in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, and now we’re moving on to the weirdest house in the region, and, if all things go well, the weirdest house in the country.

    An outfit called Top Ten Real Estate Deals put out a call for the “[10] most unusual or quirky homes in the United States,” according to its press release.

    “We are looking for homes that are truly different — the kind of homes that make you say, 'Wow, look at that,' or, 'What were they thinking?', or, 'I wish I were that brave,' ” said Jason Wakefield, web design director for the real estate website.

    Nominated “homes can be any style or price range. The important thing is the home's ‘out-of-the-norm’ quotient,” the release said.

    Weird, like beauty, can be in the eye of the beholder, although there’s one in Dallas, off Buckner Boulevard near Ferguson Road, the mound house, that likely would qualify. It’s built mostly below ground level with only the roof peeking up. Another one, on Nimrod Trail, looked to have been made from recycled Airstream trailers.

    Certainly, there are others. Send those nominations to Top Ten Real Estate Deals via the magic of email.

    Somebody will get to the 10 smelliest homes as soon as web designers figure out that scratch-and-sniff thing.

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