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Michael Jackson's Top Five Style Moments



    Michael Jackson's Top Five Style Moments
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    From the "Thriller" jacket to his signature gold accessories, Jackson's iconic style launched a world of copycats.

    In his latter years, the King of Pop's iconic style veered toward the bizarre -- from covered faces at best to pajamas at worst -- but there is no denying that Michael Jackson has had a huge influence on the world of fashion, from zippered jackets to arm bands to sequins to those endearing socks and loafers

    1. The "Thriller" Jacket

    Bright red, scrunched at the sleeves, and ultra-fitted, this jacket launched a nationwide obsession with tough-yet-slick motorcycle jackets and decades worth of imitations (some covered in zippers, some ultra-bright and boxy).

    2. The Sequined Glove

    Granted, it's since been the subject of more than a few laughs in the decades that followed, but in the '80s, everyone was rocking this eye-catching accessory. If you were brave enough, it was completely encrusted with glittering sequins; for those a bit less courageous, it was crisp white.

    3. The Military-Meets-Marching Band Ensemble

    Jackson was one of the first to popularize this snappy style, complete with gold roping, slim-cut pants, and shiny shoes. For evidence of how this still lingers today, look no further than Balmain's Spring 2009 runway show -- ultra-tailored military jackets and vests galore. (Interestingly enough, Jackson gave Balmain some love right back!)

    4. The Fedora and Skinny Pants

    Could MJ have been a hipster ahead of his time? Dancing around in his ultra-slim pants, long hair, and eyes half-hidden under the brim of a tilted fedora, he certainly got the basic idea right.

    5. Gold, Gold, and More Gold

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    He might not have gone for the gold chains that other members of the music community started rocking in the '80s and '90s, but he certainly wore his fair share of bling--from gilded futuristic-looking armor to chunky belts, badges, and faux ammo straps worn across his chest.