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Fashions for the Well-Endowed Woman

Dallas mom designs clothes for women with D-plus cups



    Fashions for the Well-Endowed Woman
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    A proper fitting is key for well-endowed women.

    The right outfit can boost confidence while the wrong fit can lead to a wardrobe malfunction. Slippage is a major concern for the woman who is well-endowed with d-plus cups.

    "Being pretty busty, I'm normally popping out of clothes or they unbutton or having to pin, and I have to ask, "Can you pin me?'" explained Denton resident Nicole De La Cerda. "My mom's small-breasted. My sisters are average sized, can't call 'em small or they'll be upset with me, so I'll say average. And I got these mambo breasts. My whole family's like, 'Where did they come from?'"

    Enter Carissa Brown, the creator of the Carissa Rose clothing line for full-breasted women.

    "We wanna celebrate your curves, have her be empowered, be comfortable, confident, all of those things. We are all about empowering women," said Brown. "The Carissa Rose line is made for the full-bust woman, which is a missy-sized body. Right now we do size four to 16 and a bust line greater than a D cup."

    Fashions for the Well-Endowed Woman

    [DFW] Fashions for the Well-Endowed Woman
    The Carissa Rose clothing line, created by Carissa Brown of Dallas, is made for the full-breasted woman.
    (Published Thursday, April 1, 2010)

    Brown started the business out of her Dallas home 18 months ago.  It's in honor of her mom Helene Rose who died suddenly.

     "She was full bust, grew up looking at her cleavage all my days," Brown recalled fondly. "She always struggled to manage her breast assets, as I like to say it. Lots of cleavage."

    "It (a clothing line) was a dream of mine in 2004, but my mom died suddenly when I was eight months pregnant with my fourth child. And after walking through that nightmare, I was ready to pursue a dream."

    The Carissa Rose clothing line includes several styles of tops and a shirt dress. Brown designs the clothes, and they're made at a factory in Grand Prairie. Each Carissa piece has special features for the well-endowed woman.

    "It's a real fit challenge, and a styling challenge," explained Brown. "Not only do you have to find something that fits but you have to find something that makes you look great, because it's a beautiful body. But you need a set-in waist, seaming and darting to really give you a long lean line, that doesn't get stuck up on the bust line."

    "It's hard to find something that will fit you everywhere. And to get big enough to go around the bust, it'll be big all the way down and then you spend a fortune on tailoring," explained repeat customer Arianna Herrman. 

    Herrman drives to Brown's home in Dallas for private fittings and owns nine tops and a shirt dress. Prices run from $80 to $125 depending on the item.

    De La Cerda came from Denton the day NBCDFW was at Brown's house.

    "I wish I would've found this a long time ago," Brown said while trying the shirt dress and several tops. "I'm a professional person, and I've struggled for a long time finding clothes that fit properly."

    And that's Brown's goal - for curvy women to be comfortable in their own skin and embrace their femininity.

    "Everybody says it's about time, us busty women need to look good, too. Thank you for thinking of us. Women feel validated and empowered. I got a text the other day: I feel fiercely confident in my black Carissa shirt, and I thought, 'That's what we're about.'"

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