The Odds Of Charlie Weis Coming To Dallas

Cue the sad trombone music. Charlie Weis got canned by Notre Dame this week after leading the Irish to a 6-6 record and an inevitably turned down invitation to the Humanitarian Bowl. YEEHAW! WOOHOO! NOTHING WARMS THE HEART LIKE NOTRE DAME’S TWO DECADES OF FOOTBALL INCOMPETENCE! Weis’ contract was bought out by the university for a fee rumored to be in excess of $18 to $30 million. Holy smokes. That’s a lot of quesadillas for our portly friend.

After such a glaring failure on college football’s biggest stage, it’s not a stretch to imagine Weis deciding to return to the NFL in a less scrutinized coordinator role (though Peter King has speculated that Weis could also be hired as the HEAD coach of Oakland, which would be a delightful mess). Weis may take some time off to count his money, but that’s unlikely for a guy who’s well known for his workaholism. Already, there’s speculation that Weis could land in Kansas City, Cleveland, or back in his old job in New England.

Ah, but what about here? Think about it. If we’re going to speculate wildly on where Weis will end up, there’s no reason not to consider Dallas as a potential landing spot. If the Cowboys falter in December, and the odds of that are always pretty solid, then the Double J might be tempted to clean house. And Jerry Jones has always been the sort of guy to hire coordinators before he even brings a head coach in, because he’s kooky like that. Weis may have been a failure in college, but he’s certainly no slouch when it comes to developing QB’s. Tom Brady, Brady Quinn, and Jimmy “Frosted Tips” Clausen all flourished under Weis. If Tony Romo turns into Bad Romo this month, there’s certainly the possibility that Jones will want to bring in Weis to get his QB’s head straight. Jones believes in Romo and will do anything to get him to succeed.

Alternately, the team could finish the year decently, then bow out in the first round of the playoffs. If that happens, maybe Jones keeps Wade but decides to let Jason Garrett walk. That way, he could bring in Weis without losing much in continuity. It’s not crazy. One thing is for sure is that Weis will have plenty of suitors lining up at his door. It took a very public firing to make the man feel wanted again.

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