The Case Against Sam Hurd: The Timeline

Court documents reveal case started in July

Court documents show the investigation into former Cowboy Sam Hurd started more than four months ago.

Federal agents have accused Hurd of running a major Dallas-to-Chicago drug pipeline that moved as much as $200,000 of narcotics per week.

He is free after posting bail Friday, hours after the Chicago Bears said they would cut him from their roster.

The federal drug investigation that resulted in Hurd's arrest in Chicago on Wednesday started in North Texas in July, according to court documents.

Here are the key dates in the case as presented in the criminal complaint, which was signed by an agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE:

  • July 27 -- A reliable informant told agents a man identified only by the initials “TL” wanted to buy four kilos of cocaine for an unknown buyer, who was later identified as Hurd. The informant coordinates a meeting with “TL,” who works at a Coppell auto shop.  Agents arrange for police to pull over “TL” on a traffic stop on his way to the meeting. In the car, which was owned by Hurd, police find marijuana and $88,000 cash.
  • July 28 -- Hurd, who was still on the Dallas Cowboy's roster as a wide receiver, met with ICE agents and claimed the money was his. He said he left it in the car, which he said he turned over to “TL” for maintenance and detailing. Hurd provides bank statements to document the cash withdrawals, but the amount doesn’t match.
  • Aug. 14 -- “TL” negotiated with the informant for five kilos of cocaine on behalf of Hurd.
  • Aug. 15 -- Agents learn that four California men had been arrested in Denton on July 25 on weapon and drug charges and were “possibly associated” with Hurd. Text messages “consistent with narcotics trafficking and money laundering” to Hurd and “TL” were found on the men’s cell phones.
  • Sept. 9 -- “TL” called the informant and said his Chicago associates were in the Dallas area and wanted to buy five kilos of cocaine. Hurd wanted to meet but was unavailable.
  • Dec. 5 -- “TL” called the informant to say Hurd wanted to meet to “discuss future business.”
  • Dec. 6 -- “TL” met with the informant at a Firestone auto store in Coppell. Hurd told the informant by phone that he wanted to buy five kilos of cocaine.
  • Dec. 8 -- Informant calls Hurd to say the drugs were not ready and he needed another week.
  • Dec. 14 -- Hurd, the informant, and an undercover ICE agent meet at a Chicago-area steakhouse. Hurd said he was interested in buying five to 10 kilos of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week. After negotiating a price, Hurd was presented with one kilo of cocaine and was arrested leaving the restaurant.
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