Shut Down Dez? Absolutely Not

When Tony Romo was helped off the field on Thanksgiving Day with what was later to be revealed as yet another break in his left clavicle, the Dallas Cowboys' season came to an unofficial official end — putting to rest all the talk of Romo leading the Cowboys back from the dead after a 2-7 start.

With Romo out for the rest of the year, and the Cowboys sitting at 3-8, the chances of them making the postseason with Matt Cassel at the helm, even with the NFC East being so terrible, are pretty much zilch.

So why not take Dez Bryant, who clearly isn't 100 percent healthy from his broken foot he was probably rushed back from, let him marinate for the rest of the season, rest and get fully healthy for 2016? That's been suggested by more than one person in the past few days, and on the surface it isn't a terrible theory.

But here's the deal: It'd be an awful idea.

First off, Bryant wouldn't go for it. He's too competitive and loves playing football too much. Secondly, you have to remember Bryant wasn't a part of any Cowboys' offseason activities or most of training camp because he was holding out. Could that have contributed to his injury in the first place? Possibly. The last thing he needs is a layoff beginning now until OTAs in the spring. Bryant needs to play, albeit with possibly some restraint to be sure he's careful doing it.

If the Cowboys wanted to give Bryant a week off, I'd even be cool with that, but he needs to play this year and play hard (as he mostly always does). Resting him for the rest of the year wouldn't be good for him in 2016.

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