Power Rankings: NFC East

In a weekly post, we'll talk about where teams in the NFC East sit after each weekend of play.

1. Dallas Cowboys (2-0) — Are the Cowboys cruising right now? No, it'd be foolish to say that with Dez Bryant and Tony Romo now out for months, but the offensive line and defense have both been pretty tremendous and the rest of the division is so bad — not to mention they already have two-game leads and head-to-head wins over two division opponents. If the Cowboys can just go .500 without Romo, they'll be in great shape. Even 3-5 could have them in first place when Romo returns. Next up: Sunday, noon, vs. Atlanta Falcons.

2. Washington Redskins (1-1) — The Redskins have looked pretty solid this year, with a narrow loss to what is supposed to be a good Miami team and a win last week over another team with promise, the Rams. The most staggering thing about them? They've ran all over those two defenses, which are supposed to be two of the better run defenses in the league. It's hard to put the Redskins in the top spot just based on principle of the Redskins being awful, but they're the biggest threat to the Cowboys at the moment. Next up: Thursday, 7:25 p.m., at New York Giants.

3. New York Giants (0-2) — The Giants have built two leads and then seen them both evaporate late in the game — one to the Cowboys and one to the Falcons. The defense looks pretty awful, but they can move the ball, especially through the air. A loss Thursday would be devastating. Next up: Thursday, 7:25 p.m., vs. Washington Redskins.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) — The Eagles just look lost. They can't run the ball despite their big free agent additions of DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. Sam Bradford looks awful at quarterback. And now they get a great defense in the Jets. An 0-3 start could mean the end for Chip Kelly. Next up: Sunday, noon, at New York Jets.

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