Kela, Tolleson Collide in BP

Shawn Tolleson has been one of the Rangers' best stories this year since taking over the closer's role from Neftali Feliz in mid-May.

Keone Kela has shown a lot of good, mixed in with some expected bad, in his rookie campaign with the Rangers.

On Monday afternoon, the Rangers averted what could've been a major disaster in their outfield during batting practice leading up to their loss to the Yankees.

While shagging fly balls in the outfield — a customary practice for relief pitchers — Kela and Tolleson collided, leaving Tolleson woozy on the ground for a few minutes before both were deemed to be OK. Both pitchers were available for Monday's game, though neither pitched.

The practice of relievers shagging batting practice balls has gone issue-free more often than not, but if you remember, a couple of years ago the Yankees lost Mariano Rivera for the season on Opening Day due to a shagging injury.

Luckily for the Rangers, they didn't have anything like that to announce on Monday.

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