It's Official, The Cowboys Didn't Need T.O.

Time to tell all the T.O. lovers to SHUT UP. 

T.O.'s exit from the Cowboys is a success.  Miles Austin caught 11 touchdowns this year and made the Pro Bowl.  More importantly, the Cowboys made a return to the playoffs WITHOUT Owens.

Last year, the Cowboys missed the playoffs with Owens and his big ego on the roster.

All the T.O. cheerleaders in the media like Jamie Dukes and Deion Sanders of the NFL Network can just stop saying how much the Cowboys should have kept T.O. on the roster.  My old radio partner Sean Salisbury wanted Jerry Jones to keep T.O. and all his distractions on the roster. 

Well, G.M. Jerry Jones deserves credit to getting rid of Owens.  It was a tough move he didn't want to make but did for the good of his club.

For all the Tony Romo haters--deal with it.  Those who said T.O. made Romo....SHUT UP.

Romo made T.O.  If an undrafted QB like Romo can find another undrafted free agent like Miles Austin and get him 11 touchdowns it shows the triggerman of the Cowboys offense is a darn elite one.  With one game left in the season, Austin has racked up 74 catches for 1,230 yards and 11 scores. 

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T.O. who?

Owens was never a favorite of mine while he played with the Cowboys and I was glad to see him get cut.  His silly Twitter post after the Cowboys to the Giants this year showed how petty a person Owens remains over been kicked to the curb. 

So all you T.O. lovers...move on to the next topic.  The Cowboys improved once they sent his me-first attitude out the door. 

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