Pat Knight Suspended for 1 Game

Note to Pat Knight: When you have the pedigree your father did, temper tantrums are endearing -- even lovable -- to some of your team's fans. When you are 2-10 in Big 12 play, however, tantrums are just annoying. They come off as childish gum-flapping.

Earlier this month Knight had a nice little on-court tirade, and he followed it up this past Saturday with a technical foul and officiating complaints. He has now received a one-game suspension for said complaints. Apparently, though, he doesn't mind. He said as much after the game in his press conference.

"I don't care right now what the Big 12 thinks," he said. "My kids ... have enough of a time playing against A&M let alone add somebody else they have to play against. I just think it's a shame."

Knight is referring to the fact that his Red Raiders shot 22 free throws compared to an astounding 51 attempts by Texas A&M. While you can't just simply read a box score and make assumptions about officiating -- for example, it's possible Texas Tech just needed to stop playing so physical -- that's an awfully high discrepancy between free throws for two teams.

Either way, the temper is showing a bit early on the younger Coach Knight. I wouldn't advise anyone to approach him in person and blurt out something like, I don't know, "Hey Knight!"

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