Manning Expects To Play Sunday

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Eli Manning may not play in next Sunday's match-up with the Dallas Cowboys as a result of an injured right foot.

Initially diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, a condition that causes discomfort in the heel, Manning was reportedly experiencing a stress reaction in another part of the foot--an injury that stems from compensating from the initial injury and one that could lead to a stress fracture.

"Starting at quarterback for the New York Giants, David Carr!"--Right?

Well, not so fast; according to the New York Times, Manning said on Monday that he would play against Dallas on Sunday, ending in short order any such hopeful daydreams for Cowboys fans.

“It’s been the same for the past three or four weeks,” Manning said. “Nothing new. I can go out there and do everything I need to do...I’ve been playing with it for four weeks. In the games, it doesn’t bother me.”

The Giants, after winning their first five games of 2009, have dropped five of their last six to fall to third in the NFC East. Manning, assuming he's healthy enough to play, will look to right the ship on Sunday, against the visiting Cowboys.

“We’ve got to make a jump back to playing great football,” Manning said.

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