Cowboys Golf, Party At Hef's Place

No one has ever said that being a Dallas Cowboy is without its perks.

Miles Austin, Ken Hamlin and Terence Newman, among others, for example, spent the weekend golfing and partying--in their pajamas and at the Playboy Mansion, with droves of gorgeous, lingerie-clad young women. The three were among a drove of NFLers, both former and current, to take part in the Playboy Golf Scramble this weekend at the Industry Hills GC Pacific Palms Resort in Industry Hills, California.

After a long day of lighthearted golf, the party moved the 10 miles west to Los Angeles, where a strictly pajamas-only shindig commenced courtesy of Hugh Hefner, himself.

"This is the greatest," Austin said, per "You've got girls, golf and sun. What more can you ask for?"

Newman was reportedly the most adroit golfer at the event--he was described by Hamlin as "crazy good"--but Austin was the darling of the Playmate set, a categorically more enviable title, and one only fitting after a breakout 2009 season that made the receiver the darling of the Metroplex.

"I loved meeting him," said Playmate Jennifer Pershing, of Austin. "He was so amazing to me. He's very charming and very sweet and has beautiful eyes and draws you in right away. I didn't know who he was when I met him, but when I found out he was on the Cowboys I was doubly excited because I've been a Cowboys fan since I was 13-years-old. I'm always checking the scores on my phone, so it was super-huge for me."

With off-season conditioning programs looming on the horizon, however--and a slew of recent stories involving NFL players on the wrong side of the law--the players present took care to temper the carefree attitude which has come to be expected at Hef's place.

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"But we're adults and we're ultimately responsible for our own actions," said Hamlin. "We're at the Mansion to have fun, so you just want to enjoy it and get out of here safe."

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