McCain's Chicago

The McCain campaign isn’t totally dormant in Chicago. I found this list (keyed to my zip code) of upcoming events - though I also found them wanting. For example, this Friday night you can get together with fellow McCainiacs and watch . . . the first debate!

Three long hours, hosted by John Hampilos, who I’m sure is a fine human being. But geez!

The Chicago Young Republicans (also seen here) are holding “Super Saturday” events that look to be more productive; the CYRs are taking field trips to Mayfield, Ohio and Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Finally, Obama may have booked Grant Park, but the local McCain campaign will be at the Hilton Chicago on Election Night. Not necessarily a bad option: It’s free, there probably won’t be a long line at the bar, and Tony Peraica is expected, so you never know. Posted in Presidential Poop, Punditocracy   Tagged: Chicago Young Republicans, John McCain, Tony Peraica   

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