Kanye West Starts Twitter War With Britney Spears

Kanye West continues to be a misunderstood man.

The mercurial rap star, who has been riding high since his most recent LP, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," was anointed as one of the best hip hop albums in years, got himself into trouble on Twitter by apparently picking on Britney Spears, reports US magazine.

In response to having his new single with Jay-Z, "H.A.M." stuck in second place on the iTunes charts behind Spears' comeback effort "Hold It Against Me," West reappropriated a line from his famous put down of country singer Taylor Swift.

"Yo Britney, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z's single is one of the best songs of all time! LOL", he posted on Twitter.

Though the "LOL" seemed to indicate that West was indeed making fun of himself and meant no disrespect with the remark, Spears' manager appeared none too pleased.

"Thanks for 'letting' us be #1," wrote Adam Leber on Twitter. "Much appreciated."

West late wrote to his followers to explain his earlier comments.

"On a serious note I'm truly happy for Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears. No hate in 2011...I thought LOL signified a joke."

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