Mueller's mom has ‘mixed' feelings on reunion

There’s been no communication between Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller since the actor’s Christmas Day arrest, but Mueller’s mother recently confirmed reports that a reunion could soon be in the works.

“(Brooke) hasn't spoken with him,” Moira Fiore told E! News. “But she wants to reconcile with him.”

Though Sheen’s mother-in-law remained tight-lipped about the allegations against the “Two and a Half Men” star, she did admit she had “mixed emotions” about her daughter’s desire to reconnect with him. On that subject, Fiore made it clear that Mueller is acting on her own and not accepting any motherly advice.

“She won't listen to me,” Fiore insisted.

Jillian Michaels fears for ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants
She’s known for berating contestants while inspiring them to huge results on “The Biggest Loser,” and trainer Jillian Michaels isn’t ashamed of that fact. In an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal, Michaels explains that fear is the ultimate motivator.

“You can circumvent the negative thinking with fear,” the fitness expert explained. “Just the way a mother can lift a car off a child — it's like, fear makes you live in the moment. Sometimes I need to intimidate a person, and then they do what I ask, and when they see they can be successful it is the most amazing experience for them. I can use the techniques they have used to program themselves for destruction and program them for success.”

The approach works, but Michaels admits as she’s worked with the newest and biggest batch of contestants yet, she’s the one feeling the fear.

When the interviewer brought up the notion of “something horrible” happening to the less-than-healthy competitors as they are put through the rigors of rapid weight loss, a concerned Michaels responded, “You're the fifth person to say that to me this week. And you're not wrong.” After all, she added, “The contestants keep getting bigger and bigger.”

Jude Law finally makes plans to meet love child
His youngest child was born more than three months ago, but Jude Law has only recently made plans to meet her for the very first time. According to the News of the World, Law had a sudden change of heart after avoiding all contact with former fling Samantha Burke and their daughter, Sophia.

Burke allegedly shared the news with her friends following a Christmas Day phone call from the actor.

“She's over the moon,” an insider close to Burke revealed. “She was hurt (Jude) had not seen Sophia.”

In her excitement, Burke may be hoping for more than some overdue father-daughter bonding, but she shouldn’t expect it.

“(Samantha) told us they would get back together, but I think Jude just feels a responsibility to his daughter,” the insider said.

Dish on the fly
If Michael Lohan and Kate Major can’t have reality-TV reject Jon Gosselin, then they’ll just have to settle for each other. According to Radar Online, Gosselin’s best-friend-turned-worst-nightmare and his former gal pal are officially an item — complete with brand new matching tattoos. “Everyone was left in no doubt Michael and Kate are a couple,” said a source who spotted the pair out on what appeared to be a date. … Fans penning their praise to “Youth in Revolt” star Michael Cera may want to save their postage. According to the actor, he never even sees the mass of mail he receives. “I got a few fan letters when I was younger that kind of creeped me out,” the actor revealed in an interview with Parade magazine. “There were some when I was like 14 that scared me. I think that, since then, either my manager or agent have tried to protect me from being terrified, so whatever fan mail I get, I never see.” … It seems Kanye West is ready to hang up his hiatus for a poetic return to the limelight. “I'M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK IN THE STUDIO MAKING NEW MUSIC,” West posted to his blog in his usual caps-lock enthusiasm. “IT'S FUNNY HOW SO MANY RAPPERS GET WORSE AS THEIR CAREERS STRETCH OUT BUT TRUE POETS GET BETTER. WE WILL FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF MAYA ANGELOU, GILL SCOTT HERRON (sic) AND NINA SIMONE. THEIR WORK IMPROVED WITH TIME.”

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