Christian Mares, Snowboarder in Viral Avalanche Video, Could Face Charges

A California snowboarder may have survived an avalanche he created but the management at Sugar Bowl Resort, where the incident happened, is pursuing criminal charges.

Christian Mares and his pals recorded Mares' exploit that resulted in a temporary avalanche. The area was off limits and was a "very active avalanche area," according to NBC News. The management claims that Mares triggered the avalanche and, in doing so, "Mares put himself, his friends, ski patrol and the skiing public at risk." 

John Monson, marketing director for the ski resort, said the resort had asked the Placer County Sheriff's Office to investigate Mares for trespassing in a closed skiing area, "given the magnitude and severity of this situation, and the fact that patrol, staff and public were put at serious risk from Mares' decisions and actions."

Management became aware of Mares' stunt after a online video surfaced allegedly recording the event. In the video, Mares wear a camera on his head while a friend simultaneously records Mares from above. 

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