XM Radio Breaks on Brand New Car, Repairs Take More Than a Month

Buying a new car is a great feeling. There's the new car smell, and all the latest gadgets.

If one of those things doesn't work, your new car zen comes to a dead stop.

Shep Johnson was unable to get his satellite radio subscription to work in his new SUV.

The dealer gave him a loaner car and and kept his new SUV while they investigated the problem.

Four weeks went by and the service department couldn't get Shep's commercial free music flowing.

The dealer and engineers from the manufacturer were working together, but Shep wanted to know if they could just swap his car out for another.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to the dealer.

They didn't want to comment but had good news for Shep.  

One of the fixes finally worked and his satellite radio was humming along like it should.

In the state of Texas there is no state-mandated return period where you can give back something you buy.

Some states do provide them, but here it's up to the person who sold you the product to decide if they'll take it back.

Make sure you test and try everything before you sign the paperwork.

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